Testimonials from some of our Pupils who passed their Practical Driving Test:testimonials automatic driving lessons crawley

Stephen says: “I had failed my driving test twice and had lost quite a bit of confidence in passing. I stopped taking lessons and put off learning to drive for a few years. Eventually I decided to take up driving again and Andy put me at ease straight away. After the first couple of lessons I had much more confidence in my abilities and was enjoying driving. After almost ten years away from driving I passed my test first time with Andy as my instructor.”

Jack says: “I can’t thank Andy enough for helping me past my test first time! He helps to build your confidence, puts you at ease and is always willing to go through anything you feel you need help with.”

Jon says: “Starting lessons in your mid thirties can be daunting and I was nervous, but Andy put me at ease. Andy always done his up most best to work with me around booking lessons and was always on time, he’s someone you can really rely upon.  Andy always showed great patiences throughout my lessons and made sure I understood where I went wrong and how to improve, I always left each lesson feeling more confident and a safer driver. Andy has a great gift of making learning fun and thanks to him I passed my test first time with only 1 minor.”

Maria says: “I found Andy to be friendly from the beginning. He is a very nice person and moreover, a professional and very reliable instructor. He gave me the confidence to face different situations calmly and efficiently. He explained each detail before asking for it to be done and he was very clear. I passed first time and would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to start their lessons.”

Camille says: “I learned to drive under the instruction of Andy Kirby and passed in December 2013 with zero faults. I found him to be an exceptional instructor who was always friendly, supportive and forever patient. He is highly experienced and is able to effectively and simply break down even the most frustrating of aspects of learning to drive. Thanks to him I now have my freedom and I would recommend him as a driving instructor to anyone wanting to progress and pass their test as well as become a proficient and well equipped driver.”

Manjay says: “Andy helped me pass my driving test first time, and not only that but with zero faults! He was an excellent teacher and instructor which gave me a lot of confidence on the road. He was great at pointing out my bad habits, and the attention to detail showed in the result of the test. Andy was always very cheerful as well, which definitely helps create a relaxed and easy to talk to atmosphere for when i had questions. I really enjoyed lessons, it went quickly from nerves to a fun experience, and I would highly recommend Andy if you are thinking of learning to drive.”

Nekpen says: “I achieved my license through your guidance and in-depth knowledge of what it takes to be a good and safe driver. Your also know what is expected during the driving test and always willing to answer questions. You are an asset to any potential student.”

Bianca says: “When I first decided it was time to face a big fear of mine & finally learn to drive ,I was a total nervous wreak, I couldn’t sleep the night before my first lesson & was shaking like a leaf when Andy arrived to pick me up. He instantly put me at ease, breaking the ice by introducing himself & telling a few jokes, I was so relieved, he was down to earth & easy to be in the company of, which meant I could relax & fully concentrate. He eased me into driving & built my confidence immensely with such professionalism & absolutely fantastic sense of humour. I shortly passed both my theory & practical tests with flying colours & have actually gone on to really enjoying driving, which I never thought would be possible, plus I’ve been driving nearly two years now & never had a prang! I really couldn’t be more grateful to Andy, I truly believe I could never have come this far without him & my life is much more easier & has changed immensely for the better because of driving. The only sad part about passing my test, was that I found myself missing Andy’s great personality, I haven’t ever laughed so much as I did when taking my lessons with Andy, thank you so much for all your help, patience, honesty & for making my whole experience better than I ever could have imagined, your one in a million & I would recommend you everytime.”

Jamie says: ” I began driving lessons with Andy in July 2021. As a new driver with practically no experience, I was extremely nervous and had no idea what to expect. Andy was amazing from day 1 – extremely patient, gave clear instructions, and made me feel completely comfortable every lesson. On the 6th of June, I passed my driving test 1st time with only 1 minor fault. I definitely would not have been able to do this without Andy. I’m naturally a very nervous person in general and tend to doubt myself, but Andy always made sure to praise me when doing something correctly, and also effectively highlighted my weaknesses, allowing me to focus on these areas which ultimately led to me passing my driving test 1st time. Whether you have 0 experience or are an experienced driver, I couldn’t recommend Andy enough.”

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