Learn Safe Drive Safe

In light of the current ongoing COVID-19 pandemic we are having to take measures to ensure the safety of all new and existing pupils as well as myself during driving lessons post lockdown. These are described below and I would ask that you follow these guidelines in order to keep us both safe.

On the Day of the Lesson:

Please wash your hands for 20 seconds before leaving your home/pick up point.
Please wear a mask and disposable gloves before entering the car if you have them and can wear them. I have a supply of masks and disposable gloves that you can use if you do not have them. Please keep the mask for future lessons but dispose of the gloves after each lesson at home. Sanitiser will be provided for your use if you would prefer not to wear gloves.
Please wear clothing that covers the majority of your skin as possible.
Please keep personal belongings that you bring with you to a minimum. These will need to be placed in the boot of my car and will be returned to you at the end of the lesson.
I am sorry but during this crisis parents, partners, friends or family will not be permitted to sit in the back of the car during the lesson.
The car will be sanitised for your lesson – steering wheel, horn, all other controls, inside and outside door handles, mirrors, car keys and training materials etc. Hand sanitiser/anti bacterial wipes will be available to use throughout the lesson.

72 Hours Before The Lesson

At least 72 hours before your first driving lesson with me you will receive an email from me asking you to let me know that you are well and not experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 in order for the lesson to take place. You will also be asked if anyone in your household have experienced symptoms within the last 14 days and are self-isolating. It is important that you reply by email at least 48 hours before the lesson.

I don’t want to bombard you with reminder texts/emails for each lesson going forward so if you are having more than one lesson in a week it is important that you let me know should you experience any changes to your health asap. If I don’t hear from you then I will assume you are well and will come for you at the next agreed lesson time and date.

The same applies if your lessons are on a weekly/fortnightly basis, I will again need you to let me know asap before the lesson should your health have changed within that time.

It is very important that you respond in all instances as failure to do so may result in the lesson being cancelled but you may still be charged as per the Terms and Conditions: http://www.crawleyautomatic.co.uk/terms-and-conditions


Each lesson will need to be paid for at least 48 hours in advance by bank transfer. If you need my bank details please text me.


All of these measures are in place until this crisis is over to make sure that we are both as safe as possible and also that you are given the best opportunity to learn and develop your driving skills within a safe environment.

Stay Safe!

Look forward to seeing you soon.